"I first had the good fortune to work with Elaine Christy when she was contracted by the Riverside Symphonia to play under my direction in the Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony. She played this challenging part so securely and musically, I soon engaged her to play our "The Britten Ceremony of Carols" with us. The chorus was enthralled by her special combination of sound, technique, and artistic sensitivity and sand their best as a result. Even in the large, resonant church we perform her sound was big enough to balance the choir beautifully, but she also had the audience hanging on every soft harmonic tone in the harp interlude. I would recommend her for solo or orchestral work, without hesitation - she was a lucky find for us!

Thomas Lloyd, Artistic Director, Bucks County Choral Society


(Taken from an article in Town Topics newsletter from Princeton, NJ)

...The resulting A Birthday Hansel ("hansel" is a Scottish word for "gift") combined the tenor voice with intricacies and distinctive colors of the harp. Mr. Kellett was joined in selections from A Birthday Hansel by harpist Elaine Christy, harp instructor at Princeton University. Like Vaughan Williams, Britten drew from Scottish influences for this song cycle, stretching the limits of both the tenor voice and the harp. As Ms. Christy explained to the audience, Britten composed extensively for the harp, but demanded unorthodox patterns, fingerings, and intervals. Ms. Christy showed no trouble at all with the Scottish bagpipe and drum impressions, flowing lines and repeated patterns extending into the highest register of the instrument. She achieved effects rarely heard from the harp, an instrumental often buried in orchestral texture.

Nancy Plum, Contributor, Town Topics of Princeton, NJ


(In regards to the "Elaine & Friends" performance group)

"Many of the audience members wished for one or two harp solos! Maybe next year!"

"Nice combination of Opera and Broadway: first class performers! We loved it!"

"Listening to Elaine Christy is always a pleasure!"

Responses from audience members attending an "Elaine & Friends" event